Instant Poudre

Instant Poudre

Once upon a time ...
A naturally attractive innovation

Instand Poudre is the result of a meeting between Sybile and Magalie, two engineers concerned with beauty and nature.
Sharing a strong taste for innovation, respect for the environment and bio, these passionate people have put together experience, knowledge and commitment to create a line of organic cosmetics, self-made, powdered , unique in nature. his genre.
Masks, scrubs, peel-off, Secrets of the Fairies to create a full range of organic wellness treatments, designed for women today. Simple to use, organic care is ready in just 30 seconds. A feeling of natural wellbeing immediate, beneficial.

We love them, we adopt them ...

· Because they are effective and give your skin the care it needs at all times.

· Because their preparation is fun: A concentrate of powdered ingredients to mix with a little water ... It's ready!

· For the single-use dose: You vary the pleasures, you adapt the care to the needs of your skin.

· Because we do not joke with safety: No preservatives, certified organic products ... It's reassuring!

· Because it is nomadic this little bag: Light and discreet, it follows you everywhere, at home, traveling ...

· For ecology: Reduced packaging, no water transport, ultra-light carbon footprint ...

· Because they are practical. The preparation is fast: A bowl, a bag, a little water and voila!

· Because they have Slow Cosmetics, which showcases healthy, ethical formulas and reasonable marketing!

· Because they rhyme with pleasure: Pleasant textures, subtle perfumes, varied colors.