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Powerbiotic 膠囊裏的果汁

The story of Powerbiotic product starts in ecological farms at the outskirts of North-eastern Poland. Powerbiotic meet strict norms of biochemical and microbiological safety and were tested in laboratories of numerous internationally recognized scientific institutions, such as Hamilton laboratory, University of Texas, University of Minnesota, Medical University of Bialystok, Bialystok Technology University.

How Powerbiotic are better than any other probiotic product in a drug store?

1. Contain several thousands of species of bacteria, more diverse than most of the commercially available probiotics products, which mainly promote Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

2. Due to the diversity of bacterial species and antigens, Powerbiotic are a far more compelling “training partner” to our intestinal immune system.

3. Safety, Vegan friendly, thanks to it plant based origin and not contain any milk bacteria. Great viable alternative for individuals allergic to milk or adhering to strict vegan diet.

4. Raw material suppliers are ecologically certified. All Powerbiotic products are extremely rich in natural antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids, fiber, microelements and vitamins.

Generally, we have two categories of Powerbiotic products:

Fermented products included: Balance, Cardio, Digest and Anti-Age

Non-fermented products included: Vision, Immuno, Fat Burner, Gut Helper

Powerbiotic is about combining natural and innovation. It provides unique health food supplement that acquired the unique patent technology Lyophilizates to capture the best ingredients of ecological vegetables (sauerkraut, pickled beetroot) , fruits (Kamchatka berry, cherry, wild rose) and apple / pear vinegar into capsules.

Note: This is an organic dietary supplement, not intend to cure any disease.

Powerbiotics的故事始於波蘭東北部郊區的生態農場。 Powerbiotics符合嚴格的生化和微生物學安全規範,並在眾多國際公認的科學機構的實驗室中進行了測試,例如漢密爾頓實驗室,德克薩斯大學,明尼蘇達大學,比亞韋斯托克醫科大學,比亞韋斯托克科技大學。


1. 包含數千種細菌,比大多數市面的益生菌產品(主要是乳酸菌和雙歧桿菌)更多樣化。

2. 由於細菌種類和抗原的多樣性,Powerbiotic是訓練我們腸道免疫系統的好幫手。

3. 安全,素食許可。全植物,不含奶類細菌。 因此絕對適合對牛奶過敏或執行嚴格素食者的更佳選擇。

4. 原材料供應商已取得生態認證。 所有Powerbiotic產品均富含天然抗氧化劑,多酚,類黃酮,纖維,微量元素和維生素。


發酵產品包括:平衡,心血管,消化 和 抗衰老

Powerbiotic結合了天然和創新科技。它使用了獨特的專利凍乾技術,將生態蔬菜(酸菜,醃製甜菜根),水果(堪察加漿果,櫻桃,野玫瑰)和蘋果醋 / 梨醋 的 最 佳 成 分濃縮到膠囊中。

注意: 這是一種有機補充品,並無意治愈任何疾病。