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Powerbiotics - Juices in Capsules

Patent Technology & Innovative products

Powerbiotics 膠囊裏的果汁




Powerbiotic is about combining natural and innovation. It provides unique health food supplement that acquired the unique patent technology Lyophilisates to capture the best ingredients of ecological vegetables (sauerkraut, pickled beetroot) , fruits (Kamchatka berry, cherry, wild rose) and apple / pear vinegar into capsules.

All products are made by using the fiber of original variety of Gold Millenium apples. They introduced bioactive compounds in the form of dietary supplements made on the base of vegetable and fruit functional food of organic origin. Material were obtained from their own organic farm which is controlled by a certifying body (Bioekspert).

All raw materials used in the production of this supplements is at its highest quality, proper method of soil preparation and carefully selected fruit & vegetable with no toxin, heavy metals, industrial pollution, pesticides and chemicals. All products are tested based on the EU standard.

Both the bacteria used in the bio-preparations production and the production technology of dietary supplements have been patented. The viability of probiotic bacteria in preparations is between 90-95%.



所有產品均使用原始品種的千禧金蘋果纖維製成,引入了生物活性化合物於膳食補充劑 內。原材料採用有機蔬菜和水果,而材料取自生產商自己的有機農場,該農場由認證機構(Bioekspert)控制。