Biokia Organic Dried Berries Mix 50g (3 bags)


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Deliciousdried berries all together! Bilberries, lingonberries, cranberries andblackcurrants are mixed in Biokia Organic Berry Mix. Contains high levels ofvitamins, flavonoids, minerals and antioxidants. All these dried berries arehigh in fibre and free from additives.

Organic cane sugar, organic Finnish lingonberry, organiccranberry, organic Finnish blackcurrant, organic Finnish bilberry, organicsunflower oil.

Remarks: Packed on the same equipment that processes also milk,gluten, peanuts and nuts. Store in a dry place, at +15–20 °C.

Enjoy Biokiadried berries every day as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthylifestyle.

Nutrition declaration 營養資料 

per100g / 100 

energy / 熱量

1257 kJ/300 kcal

Total fat 總脂肪 / Trans fat 反式脂肪  

1.5 g 克 / 0g克

- of which saturated 飽和脂肪 / Cholesterol 膽固醇  

0.1 g 克 / 0g克

carbohydrates 碳水化合物

66 g/克

- of which sugars 糖 

57 g/克

dietary fibre 食用纖維

9.4 g/克

protein 蛋白質

1.3 g/克

sodium 鈉