Biokia Super Berries Powder - Bilberry 150g


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Organic Bilberry Powder (150g pack)

Made from whole berries. Ingredients: 100% Finnish organic wild bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus). One tablespoon corresponds almost 1.5 dl of fresh bilberries. High fibre. With no added sugar. Rich in Natural Vitamin E & Potassium. Enjoy the berry powder everyday as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Recommended to use 2 tablespoon per day. One packing contains about 10 daily doses.

Nordic Organic wild bilberry: ORAC value is 4 times more than blueberry, high in Anthocyanins.

Benefits of Anthocyanins:

  1. Fighting free radical especially after exercises
  2. Anti-flammatory, anti-viral. Help healing of wounds. Particularly helpful to arthritis.
  3. other benefits including support heart and cardiovascular health, support eye sight, anti-wrinkles, anti-aging, support immune system, anti-radiation, support healthy body cells.

Possible usage:

*home make natural juice

*add into yogurt

*add into cereal 

*Ingredient for bread/cake


*home made ice-cream

Many more recipe by your own creativity!! Enjoy!

Gluten Free

dl = decilitre (one tenth of a litre)

Best before: 24 months from the production date

Anthocyanins 花青素  1430 +/- 50mg / 100 g

ORAC Value 抗氧化指數 65000 +/- 4000 umol TE / 100g


Nutrition declaration

per 100 g


1559 kJ/367 kcal

Total Fat / Trans Fat

0.8 g / 0g

- of which saturated / Cholesterol

0.1 g / 0g


54 g

- of which sugars

34 g

dietary fibre

31 g


5 g



Vitamin E

14,4 mg (120 %)*


590 mg (30 %)*

* of Recommended Daily intake