Honey Square, Snowy & Snow Lotus Peach Gum


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Honey Square, Snowy & Snow Lotus Peach Gum (650g)

Handmade in Hong Kong, 100% Natural, No Added Colouring and Preservatives

Snowy & Snow Lotus Peach Gum always describe as Vegan bird’s nest which is rich in plant collagen. Amazing supplement for skin beauty.

Peach gum

Peach gum is a natural secretion from peach tree, rich in plant collagen. It is great for skin rejuvenation. It is also great for people who concern their cardiovascular health.

Snow lotus seeds

It is also known as the fruit of the honey locust tree rich in amino acids. It warms the uterus and support kidney health. It has very high therapeutic value for women! Its unique Saussurea lactone and Saussurea polysaccharides can prevent ultraviolet rays and pigmentation, keep skin bright and smooth.

Premium Snow Swallow

It is known as vegan bird's nest with no hormones. It contains many precious nutrients. Snow swallow has therapeutic value such as moisturizing, reducing fat, moisturizing the intestines, and improving immunity. Yi Zhong can regulate the growth of human collagen, making the skin firmer and more elastic.

This product is especially suitable for new mothers after giving birth to baby. It support postpartum uterine contraction recovery and as a nutritional supplement.

Suggested Usage:

Ready to eat or reheat in the microwave. It is recommended to consume 2-3 spoons per day.


Please store in cool and dry place. 

Refrigerate immediately after opening and consume as soon as possible




Peach gum, yellow rock sugar, snow lotus seeds, snow swallows, red dates, dried longan

Due to this is a food item. Once order has been placed, no return is accepted.