Honey Square, Tangerine Peel Ginger (650g)


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Honey Square, Tangerine Peel Ginger (650g)

Handmade in Hong Kong, 100% Natural, No Added Colouring and Preservatives

Tangerine is warm, pungent, and bitter. It returns to the spleen and lung channels. Ginger is warm and spicy, and it can return to the lungs, spleen and stomach channels. Tangerine Peel Ginger can strengthen the spleen and reduce phlegm, it is more helpful for cold, cough and phlegm. During the holiday season, there are many cold diets, leading to abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting.

If you have a cold and don't have time to see a doctor, as long as you have ginger in your family, you can boil a cup of ginger tea and drink it warmly. It will relieve cough, cold, cold and sore throat. If orange peel is added to ginger soup, it will warm the stomach, reduce phlegm and cough. Ginger tea can also help digestion if overeating causes satiety and discomfort.

Usage Recommendation:

Dilute 2 teaspoons of Tangerine Peel Ginger with 250ml of warm water (water temperature below 60 degrees) and stir well.


Please store in cool and dry place. 

Refrigerate immediately after opening and consume as soon as possible.




Ginger, old tangerine peel, yellow rock sugar

Due to this is a food item. Onceorder has been placed, no return is accepted.