Huaora Matcha with Ginger


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Matcha Power

Organic blend of Matcha tea with superfoods to stimulate the body and get energy in a healthy way.

Matcha Power is a blend of Matcha green tea, ginger, dehydrated lemon and panela, with a high energizing value, ideal for increasing your energy levels in a healthy and sustained way. It is also a great alternative for those who want to reduce or avoid coffee consumption.


  • Improves concentration and energy, while reducing fatigue
  • Improves performance in exercises, especially in endurance sports
  • Immediate stimulating effect of sustained duration
  • Contains antioxidants and ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties
  • Contains ingredients with remarkable health-protective benefits
  • Encourages good mood and motivation
  • Increase metabolism, optimize Focus   

How to use:

Mix a tablespoon (approx. 10g) in a glass with 200ml of still or carbonated fresh water. Ideal for consumption at a cool temperature.

Avoid drinking at night because its stimulating effect could cause insomnia.

In long-lasting sports activities up to 2 doses per hour can be taken ideally accompanied with fruit or another source of carbohydrates easily digested. It can also be added to other liquid preparations such as juice, milkshakes, smoothie bowls, cocktails.

Nutritional facts:


Per 100g/克






1 g/克

0.2 g/克


82 g/克

8.2 g/克

 -Sugars 糖

78 g/克

7.8 g/克

Total Fat 總脂肪

4.6 g/克

0.2 g/克

 -Saturated Fat 飽和脂肪

0 g/克

0 g/克

 -Trans Fat 反式脂肪

0 g/克

0 g/克


0 g/克

0 g/克

Sodium 鈉   

0 g/克

0 g/克



Matcha green team (Camellia sinensis), ginger powder(Zingiber officinale), dried lemon (Citrus x limon), panela sugar (Saccharumofficinarum processed natural product)


Store in closed containers, at room temperature, protected from direct light.

In dry and clean conditions, the duration up to 24 months in original sealed packaging.