Huaora Sculpt


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Organic Vegetal Proteins, gluten free and suitable for Vegans (Cacaoflavour)

Huaora Sculpt is a mixture of cocoa flavoured proteinsand super foods. The perfect supplement for any sporting activity becauseit increase energy and accelerates fat burning, as well as growth and recoveryof muscle mass, helping to achieve quicker results.


  • VEGAN PROTEIN 100% ORGANIC, NO ADDITIVES, NONASTIES:Huaora products are 100% natural, certified organic farming, withno added chemicals, no preservatives, no coloring and no artificial flavouring.Only high quality superfoods.

  • BUILD MUSCLE MASS: Huaora Sculpt mixcontains the 18 essential amino acids, that trigger the hormones responsible toburn fat and contribute to rebuild muscle tissue.

  • HELP TO CURB APPETITE:Due to its highcontent of amino acids and low proportions of carbohydrates and calories,Huaora Sculpt provides a lasting satiety feeling.

  • CONTRIBUTES TO LOSE WEIGHT AND REDUCEABDOMINAL FAT: The blend is rich in lysine and carnitine, which help convertfat acids into energy.



  1. Brown rice protein, pea protein and pumpkin seedprotein

-       A mix providing all 18 essential amino acids– which the body cannot produce itself – but essential role in weight loss.

-       Produce hormones dedicated to fat decompositions

  1. High content oflysine

-       Helps to convert fatty acids into energy,contributing to reduce cholesterol levels and to the formation of collagen,necessary for healthy skin, tendons and bones.

  1. Contains stevia, criollo cocoa, lucuma andcarob,four organically-produced superfoods with high contents of vitaminsA, B, C and vitamins of the E group.

-       Rich in minerals like iron, potassium, calciumand phosphates, which contribute ot preserve health bones and teeth.

-       Carob and criollo cocoa have a powerfulantioxidant, protect body from the effect of free radicals, caused bypollution, unhealthy diet, tobacco and alcohol.

-       Strengthens the immune system mand preventspremature ageing and deterioration of the body.

How to use:

You can add two to three large spoonfuls of Huaora Sculpt toa glass of water, milk, or any other vegetable derived beverage like coconut,almond or soya milk, shaking well and it will help your muscular mass torecover after training.

Huaora Sculpt’s chocolate flavour makes it an idealingredient to add to cake or cookie mix, a pudding, any kind of home-bakedbread or sprinkled over vegan dishes to increase nutritional and vitamin andmineral content.

Nutritional facts:


Per 100g/克






70 g/克

14 g/克


14 g/克

2.8 g/克


2.4 g/克

0.4 g/克

Total Fat 總脂肪

4.3 g/克

0.85 g/克

 -Saturated Fat 飽和脂肪

1.5 g/克

0.3 g/克

 -Trans Fat 反式脂肪

0 g/克

0 g/克


0 g/克

0 g/克


0.6 g/克

0.028 g/克



Organic sprouted brown rice protein (Oryza sativa), organicpea protein (Pisum sativum), organic pumpkin seed protein (Cucurbita moschata)organic cacao powder (Theobroma cacao L.) organic lucuma flour (Pouterialucum), organic carob flour (Cerotonia siliqual) and stevia extract.


Store in closed containers, at room temperature, protectedfrom direct light.

In dry and clean conditions, the duration up to 24 months inoriginal sealed packaging.