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Nuud is an all-natural and vegan deodorant. So you'll find that lot of things are NOT in Nuud. You are joining this revolution for your armpits and the entire planet.

Highly effective
  • A revolutionary natural deodorant with Ecocert micro silver
  • Prevents odor by neutralising bacteria.
  • Odor-free from 3 to 7 days with only one application
  • Exercising, being active or even showering: no problem, Nuud will remain 100% effective under any circumstance.
  • Extremely concentrated (10 weeks with our 20 ml tube)
  • Patented formula

Totally innocent
  • Completely harmless for you and the planet
  • No aluminium, no parabens, no propellants, no artificial fragrances, no chemicals, no alcohol, no worries
  • Not tested on animals - 100% vegan
  • No clogging, healthy sweating
  • No stains, 100% unscented
  • Sugar cane tube, biodegradable cardboard box
  • Sustainable production & CO2 neutral distribution
How to Use

Every body is different. For some people Nuud works for 48 hours, for others applying once a week is enough. Experience has taught us that for most people applying twice or three times a week suffices. And the longer you use Nuud, the less often you have to apply.


The best way to discover your best application frequency is to apply every 2 days initially. If you notice that this is not enough, then switch to applying every 24 hours. If you notice that it is enough, you might want to try switching to applying every 3 days, and so forth.

Nuud therefore does require some trial and error at first, to discover your own ideal frequency.

Country of Origin: Netherland

Sliver (PURE), Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Zinc Oxide, Almond Oil, Mineral Clay, Vegetable Emulsifier, Castor Oil Extract, Vegetable Mix-Enhancer, Carnauba Wax