Powerbiotic - Fat Burner (Organic Apple Vinegar)


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Powerbiotic Fat Burner is lyophilized essence from organic apple cider vinegar, which is a very rich source of polyphenolic compounds (gallic acid, catechin, epicatechin), acids: chlorogenic, coffee, coumarinic, lactic and citric acids, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, microelements and pectins. It is primarily intended for people who want to take care of the correct weight and protect themselves from the consequences of non-healthy lifestyle. Support Fat burns,


Lyophilizate Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 100%

Recommended daily dose: It is recommended to take 2-4 capsules per day, preferably one serving in the morning on an empty stomach, to properly acidify the stomach environment.


*Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

**All Powerbiotic products can be used by children above the age of 3, but should be applied under the supervision of adults and best dissolved in water or any other cold / room temperature liquid.

***If you have known history of severe allergy and / or anaphylactic shock, please do not use.

****This is an organic dietary supplement, not intend to cure any disease.


60 capsules x 300 mg (one-month supply)

EU Certified Organic. Cellulose Capsule Shell.

Made in Europe

Additional information: Store in a dry and shady place, out of reach of small children, after opening store at room temperature. Do not use if the seal under the plug is damaged or missing.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (Fat Burner)

Nutrition declaration 營養成分

Per/ 100g         


Energy / 能量

1.190 kJ / 2.84 kcal

Total fat / 總脂肪

1,56 g/克

Saturated fat / 飽和脂肪

0,37 g/克

Trans Fat / 反式脂肪

0 g/克

Carbohydrates / 碳水化合物

43,50 g/克

Sugar / 

11,20 g/克

Cholesterol / 膽固醇

0 g/克

Protein / 蛋白質

6,14 g/克

Sodium /